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Nicholas Bialota

Account Executive

Nicholas Bialota is a loyal, dedicated, and caring account executive with a fast and professional approach to assisting clients with document filings in the state of Delaware. Nick credits his coworkers at Parasec with making the job one he enjoys doing.

“The contrast from where I have been previously to this environment is night and day. Everyone here is welcoming, and always willing to assist one another in any way that they can,” Nick said genuinely.

When he’s not enjoying the company of coworkers, Nick is spending time with his wife playing World of Warcraft. The two also love to participate in cosplay, where they wear hand-made costumes and accessories to resemble their favorite characters at local conventions.

Nick is also a bit of a history buff, researching his favorite stories and videogames at great length. A place that Nick finds particularly pleasant is Maine. “The salt air is so refreshing to be around. The best part of the area though is watching the lobsters coming fresh off the boats to be cooked,” he said with a grin.

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