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Edna Keena

Edna Keena

Account Executive

Before joining the Los Angeles branch of Parasec, Account Executive Edna Keena spent eight years working with the Brazilian Consulate—an experience that has armed her with crucial insight into the procedures required to process foreign documents. Edna also happens to be fluent in both Portuguese and English, and has a firm handle on the Spanish language. Her extensive experience, knowledge and skills have made her an invaluable asset to Parasec and our clients.

Like many of her co-workers, Edna values the positive team environment and unfaltering work ethic found at Parasec. “I really enjoy the teamwork that goes into providing our clients with the best service possible,” she explained.

When not hard at work, Edna can be found reading, watching movies, globetrotting and spending quality time with her husband, James.

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