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Barbara Geiger Matt Marzucco
Matt Marzucco – President
Ian Sierchio
Ian Sierchio – Sales Manager
Ian Sierchio
Jessica Sierras – Operations Manager
Edward Noyer
Edward Noyer – Director of Product Marketing
Ninh Ho
Ninh Ho – Paracorp Manager
Lynn Conner
Lynn Conner – Chairman of the Board
Bobbie Daniels
Bobbie Daniels – Training and Development Manager



As Vice President of Parasec, Barbara Geiger manages two departments: human resources and accounting. A member of the team since 1992, Barbara’s knowledge, experience and dedication to our clients and staff have made her an integral part of the company. Throughout her tenure with the company, Barbara has developed many long-lasting relationships with clients—something she values deeply.

When asked what it is she most enjoys about working at Parasec, Barbara was quick to remark, “The culture of our company, the opportunities to learn and grow, and working with a great group of co-workers.”

Outside of work, Barbara can be found spending time with her family and enjoying outdoor activities such as dirt-bike riding and camping.

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