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Ny-Kish Nash Nicola Highsmith
Nicola Highsmith – Account Executive
Stephanie Saechao
Stephanie Saechao – Account Executive
Elizabeth Jiminez
Elizabeth Jimenez – Account Executive
Eboni Robinson
Eboni Robinson– Account Executive
Valerie Molgard-Rodriguez
Valerie Molgard-Rodriguez – Information Specialist
Chela Conzalez
Chela Gonzalez– Account Executive
Desiree Oliver
Desiree Oliver– Account Executive
Destiny Baylor
Destiny Baylor– Information Specialist
Vanessa Calhoun
Vanessa Calhoun– Account Technician
Nancy Vu
Nancy Vu – Account Technician
Marisol Torres
Marisol Torres – Account Technician
Jennifer Chang
Jennifer Chang – Account Technician
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez – Account Technician
Steven Zenovieff
Steven Zenovieff– Quality Control Specialist

Bertha Verdin

Information Specialist

“Even though I have been working at Parasec since 1997, I still look forward to coming to work,” remarked Bertha Verdin, our Information Specialist. “I never get tired of helping our client’s achieve their work deadlines and getting the satisfaction of doing so.”

So, what is one of the things about Parasec that Bertha appreciates the most? The perks, of course! “In this day and age of economic uncertainty, many companies have done away with perks for their employees,” Bertha noted. “Parasec is the exception! Parasec’s No. 1 priority is the customer, but I feel that they treat their employees as customers, too.”

When not in the office, Bertha enjoys discovering new places and cultures. “I love to travel,” she exclaimed. “I have been to several countries, but my goal is to make my way to Costa Rica, Machu Picchu in Peru, the Guelaguetza festival in Oaxaca, Mexico, and to see U2 in Ireland. I hope to pass on my love of traveling to my nephews and nieces and experience new cultures.”