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Elizabeth Jimenez


JR Account Executive

Junior Account Executive Brittney Walker works with closely the account executives in our corporate operations department—processing filings, assisting clients, and shipping out filed documents to clients. Brittney takes pride in her ambitious approach in both her personal and professional life, striving to take a leadership role when the opportunity presents itself. Her outgoing, positive attitude and strong work ethic make her a natural-born leader and a pleasure to work with!

Her favorite part about working at Parasec is the friendly environment and the family-oriented the company culture. “It truly is a work environment where individuality is celebrated, and you’re encouraged to be yourself. I just love it!” she exclaimed.

In her personal time, Brittney enjoys, cooking, shopping, spending time with her family, getting her nails done, and frequenting Starbucks. Brittney’s ambitious and outgoing nature is summed up in her personal moto, which she may or may not have borrowed from that famous brand with the swoosh logo: Just Do It.