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Chela Gonzalez

Chela Gonzalez

Account Executive

“I absolutely love the work atmosphere here,” remarked Chela Gonzalez, who came on board at Parasec during the spring of 2013. After a short stint in our support department, Chela was quickly promoted to an account technician in our operations department. Her enthusiasm, attention to detail and unquestionable work ethic have solidified her as an essential part of our team—and we’re grateful we found her! In fact, in early 2015 Chela’s dedication and hard work earned her another promotion, this time to an account executive. Always striving to ensure her client’s needs are met, Chela goes above and beyond to exceed client expectations.

“I like to provide the highest level of customer service I can, doing my part to make the lives of others easier,” she explained.

In addition to taking pride in the work she does, Chela also enjoys the friendly and supportive work environment that Parasec cultivates. “From day one my co-workers were extremely welcoming,” she remarked with a smile. “I immediately felt like a part of the family; never like the new girl.”

A self-described “kid at heart,” Chela loves watching Disney and Pixar films. She’s also passionate about art, and often spends her free time painting, as well as crafting and other art-related activities.

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