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Eboni Robinson

Account Executive

Account Executive Eboni Robinson joined the Parasec team back in August 2012. Her sweet disposition and strong work ethic make her a valuable asset to the team. Like many of her co-workers, Eboni values the supportive team environment and company culture we foster here.

“What I like most about working at Parasec is the sense of community and how everyone has each other’s backs,” she remarked. “I don’t feel like I’m just working with a group of people, I feel like I’m working among friends.”

A dedicated employee, Eboni makes it a point to strive for excellence in the workplace every day, doing her part to make sure every client is well taken care of.

“I want my clients to know that I work hard every day to provide them with the best service that I possibly can,” she explained. “I want to establish a relationship with them and understand their individual needs. I never want them to feel like they are just another number. I want them to feel confident that I can get the job done.”

When not working hard for Parasec, Eboni can be found enjoying the outdoors, going to movies and spending time with her family.

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