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JEnnifer Chang

JEnnifer Chang

ACCOUNT Technician

Account Technician Jennifer Chang is a confident, resourceful and personable member of our corporate operations department—she’s also a goal setter! Her main goal in her current role is to be an asset to the team. Her primary responsibilities include processing work orders, assisting with client communications and offering general support to her assigned account executive. An all-around team player, Jennifer has proven herself to be invaluable to Parasec.

“I like to contribute to my department in any way I can,” said Jennifer. “If I can take weight off anyone’s shoulders, it makes me feel good about my work. That is my favorite thing about Parasec,” she continued with a smile. “We are a great team!”

After a long day at the office, Jennifer likes to de-stress by surrounding herself with family and friends. “Whenever I surround myself with loved ones, it immediately lifts every anxiety, tension, or worry I may have been carrying with me,” she explained. Whether it be at home relaxing or partaking in outdoor activities, if she is surrounded by loved ones she is content.

When we asked Jennifer what song she would choose as an intro theme for herself, she was quick to answer with “Girl On Fire” by Alicia Keys. “It is empowering and enforces the confidence that I should have in myself. It relieves any self-doubt and inspires boldness,” she explained. Now, whenever we see Jennifer we can’t help but sing, “This girl is on fire, ooh, ooh, ohh.”