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Jose Gomez

Jose Gomez

Customer Research Specialist

In 2017, Parasec hired Customer Research Specialist Jose Gomez and we’re patting ourselves on the back for making that wise decision. A dependable employee with a spirited disposition and a strong work ethic, with Jose on your team you know things are going to get done right! Jose prides himself on being positive and open-minded—both qualities which make him a great asset to Parasec. His goal is to constantly be learning, and his drive for providing excellent customer service has made a lasting impression on his clients and colleagues alike.

“Parasec is a great place to work!” Jose exclaimed. “The best part being the people I get to work with.” he continued. “The environment is calm, and the people are just awesome,” he remarked with a smile.

Jose enjoys spending his free time with friends and family, traveling, and most of all—listening to music. “Music is in the background of everything I do,” he said. “I have a huge vinyl record collection and couldn’t count the number of concerts I have attended,” he added.

Jose loves laughing, and the opportunity make those around him laugh with his witty sense of humor. He embraces each day as “the best day of the year”—which is probably our favorite thing about him!

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