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Jose Gomez

Kelsey Orr

Jr. Account Executive

Kelsey Orr handles the completion of orders from start to finish, assisting her account executive in any way she can. Her goal is to become as efficient as possible, processing every order with a high-level of attentiveness and precision. Kelsey is a model employee who is always eager to learn and grow in any way she can.

A self-professed nerd, Kelsey loves science. If she had to give an impromptu presentation on any subject, it would definitely be ants. “I’ve given a speech on the physics of ants previously for graduation and I learned so much. I have the PowerPoint ready to go and everything!” Kelsey laughed.

Kelsey also loves being silly and light-hearted, acting goofy and not taking herself or life, too seriously. She is an over-thinker who approaches every situation with a fair amount of caution, critical thinking, and care—qualities that serve as her biggest strengths.

In her free time, Kelsey loves to go out dancing or enjoy a night in watching her favorite Netflix marathon—whatever the mood calls for. She also loves puppy snuggles from her companion, Millie, who is always by her side, ready and waiting with a wet kiss!