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Nicola Highsmith – Account Executive
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Stephanie Saechao – Account Executive
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Elizabeth Jimenez – Account Executive
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Eboni Robinson– Account Executive
Valerie Molgard-Rodriguez
Valerie Molgard-Rodriguez – Information Specialist
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Chela Gonzalez– Account Executive
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Desiree Oliver– Account Executive
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Destiny Baylor– Information Specialist
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Vanessa Calhoun– Account Technician
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Marisol Torres – Account Technician
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Jennifer Chang – Account Technician
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Jose Gomez – Account Technician
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Bertha Verdin – Information Specialist
Steven Zenovieff
Steven Zenovieff– Quality Control Specialist

Nancy Vu

Account Technician

Account technician Nancy Vu never stops striving to be the best she can be at her job. “Learning from my team leaders and co-workers in order to provide the best service possible is my primary goal at Parasec,” Nancy said with a smile.

Nancy spends her days at Parasec assisting account executives with the processing, submitting, and resulting of work orders. She’s also on hand to answer client questions and resolve any issues that may occur.

One thing people might be surprised to learn about Nancy is that she’s a thrill seeker, always plotting her next big adventure. In fact, Nancy makes a point to try a new activity every year on her birthday. Some of the heart-pounding, daredevil activities already checked off her bucket list include skydiving, zip lining, and river rafting.

Of course, Nancy’s average day consists of more low-key happenings such as catching a movie with her husband or enjoying a trip to the park with her fur baby, Homer.