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Abigale Peterson

Abigale Peterson

Information Specialist

As an information specialist in our registered agent department, Paracorp, Abigale Peterson has a variety of responsibilities. Some of her daily tasks include processing renewal billing, performing status checks, maintaining client records, and ensuring that mail is accurately forwarded on to our clients. With strong attention to detail, a great sense of humor, and an incredible work ethic, Abby is a true asset to Parasec.

When asked what her favorite part about working for Parasec is, Abby said with a smile, “I really love the team I get to work with every day. We work together and keeping each other on track. We really care about our success as not only individuals, but as a company.”

Outside of the office, Abby enjoys many things: art, reading, writing, hiking, and spending time with family—to name a few. However, her greatest passion is photography. Abby studied traditional film photography as an undergrad and in an effort to “never miss an opportunity,” she has her camera and at least one roll of film on her at all times.

Having spent most of her life in Wisconsin, Abby is a proud “Cheesehead” who loves the Green Bay Packers, beer, and, of course, cheese. Abby also loves researching and learning random facts about anything and everything: movies, books, magazines—you name it! If random fact reciting was an Olympic sport, Abby would surely win gold!