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Blaici Xiong

Blaici Xiong

SOP Specialist

SOP Specialist Blaici Xiong is responsible for maintaining client records, accepting service of process, ensuring that mail is accurately forwarded on to our clients, and assisting with resignations. Blaici is always fast, accurate, and happy to help!

“My goal is not just to complete my tasks in a timely manner, but to communicate clearly and promptly with my co-workers and clients and, most importantly, to always love what I do here at Parasec/Paracorp!” exclaimed Blaici.

Courteous, goal-oriented, and ambitious, Blaici fits rights in with the rest of the team. “My favorite part about working for Parasec is learning new and different things every single day. This company is extremely goal-oriented and so am I. My values and morals align perfectly with those of Parasec; it’s a great match,” Blaici remarked with a smile.

In her free time, Blaici loves to explore her creative side by drawing, sewing, or taking pictures. One artistic thing she enjoys doing is designing, embellishing, and creating clothing. Blaici can also be found cuddling with her puppies, or watching reruns of one of her favorite shows, Friends.