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Cori Ann Crosthwaite

Information Specialist

Cori Ann Crosthwaite is an information specialist in our registered agent department, Paracorp. No matter what the task, Cori Ann enjoys staying busy and learning new aspects of the business each day. A witty team member with a flair for storytelling, our clients enjoy working with Cori Ann almost as much as we do.

“This company cares not only about the work we do, but the people doing it. Our team leaders are always checking to see how we are, and offering to help in any way that would make our jobs more efficient and enjoyable. The little things, like surprise donuts and coffee, reaffirm that the goal is to infuse fun, laughter and enjoyment into our jobs,” she explained.

Cori Ann is passionate about change and enjoys challenging herself in new ways. Growing up she moved around often, living in Oregon, California, New Mexico and Idaho. As an adult, she traveled and performed with the global education organization, Up with People. Her experiences in Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and France have understandably had a long-lasting, life-changing effect.

A self-proclaimed theater geek and lifelong dance student, Cori Ann spends her free time enjoying musical theater. She also loves snuggling with her adored rescue pup, a Chihuahua named Gizmo.