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Corrie Walker

Corrie Melchor

Paracorp Specialist

Self-proclaimed geek Corrie Melchor works hard in our registered agent department as a Paracorp Specialist. “I love my job. Working with such a great team makes it all the more enjoyable, and not many people can say that. There are a lot of fun challenges and groups, too, such as our book club—all of which make this a place we enjoy coming to,” said Corrie.

Of course, Corrie has many interests outside of work, such as Star Wars, super heroes, and working on her 1955 Buick Special or her 1964 Oldsmobile Dynamic. Corrie also enjoys crocheting, toy collecting, and antique shopping to name a few.

While it’s clear that Corrie is one dynamic team member, we have just a few more things to say about her that may blow your mind. Like the fact that Corrie played girls tackle football in high school, or that she’s currently involved in the worldwide charity The black Death Crew, which assists children and their families with medical needs.

“Doing charity work every month makes me happy. It’s important for me to know that I help bring other people happiness. I think in general being thoughtful and caring to those around you goes a long way.”