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Katelynn Alexander

Katelynn Alexander

Account Executive

Paracorp Account Executive Katelynn Alexander spends her workday assisting clients with registered agent requests, which include processing change of agent filings, annual reports, and business licensing. Hard working, dependable, and a self-proclaimed perfectionist, Katelynn has made it her mission at Parasec to become a knowledgeable resource for coworkers and clients alike.

“My goal is to continue to grow in my position as an account executive, and really master those skill and duties,” Katelynn said with a smile. “Eventually, I would like to explore other departments and gain a deeper understanding of the various aspects of our industry,” she continued.

When she’s not at work, Katelynn enjoys listening to music or watching movies on Netflix. You may also spot her at the local thrift store, where she is on the hunt for her next big renovation project. She enjoys finding clothes and altering them to fit her style, lending to her creative side. Undoubtedly, Katelynn says her spirit animal is a fox—we completely agree, she’s very clever!

Although she hasn’t had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling, she finds nearby San Francisco to be a magnificent source of inspiration—simply thanks to its unique artistic and cultural offerings.

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