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Kevin Guse

Correspondent Relations

Kevin Guse has been a part of the Parasec family since 1997, and during that time he’s worked with numerous services, including: registered agent, UCC, title and business licensing. His broad-based knowledge of the legal industry has made him an essential member of our team. Still, it’s his optimistic persona, quick wit and strategic thinking that have helped solidify him as an invaluable asset to us and our clients.

During his tenure with Parasec, Kevin has proven instrumental in rolling out new products, most recently our business-licensing services. With each new service, Kevin is inspired to do extensive research, which allows him to pass his knowledge onto his clients.

“I enjoy the challenge of finding a new service or customizing an existing service to suit our clients’ needs,” explained Kevin, who revels in the knowledge that he is making life easier for his clients.

As an avid bird watcher and nature photographer, Kevin often spends his free time armed with a camera or a pair of binoculars. When he’s not enjoying the great outdoors, he can be found enjoying the newest member of his family, his lovely granddaughter Lillyanne.

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