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Lynette Feller

Lynette Feller

Production Team Lead

A part of the Parasec family since 2002, Lynette Feller was originally hired on as our receptionist. After three years as “the voice” of Parasec, she was promoted to an account technician in our registered agent department. Today, Lynette acts as production team lead for Paracorp. Her role is vital to the success of the department, and she is a valued member of our team.

Sharp as a tack with a strong desire to turn out great work, Lynette admits that she’s a bit of a perfectionist. In fact, the thing she loves most about her job is that it requires her to utilize her astute attention to detail skills.

“I’m very dedicated to my job,” she remarked. “It is very important to get my work done in a timely manner and to make sure it’s done correctly.”

In her free time, Lynette can be found spending time with her husband and her two boys. She’s also an avid runner and can often be spotted running the trails around the office during her lunch break.