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Milton Vong

Account Executive

Milton Vong joined the Parasec team back in July of 2006, when he was hired on as a member of our corporate operations department. Milton relocated to our UCC department where he acted as an account technician and later account executive. Currently, Milton works in our registered agent department (also known as Paracorp) as an account executive. Milton loves working in a fast-paced environment where he is able to work one-on-one with his clients. Milton is well versed in many departments here at Parasec, and offers great professionalism, guidance to all clients, and stellar customer service.

“I’m here to help my clients with whatever they may need assistance with,” Milton said. “I value their input and want them to feel comfortable calling me with any questions or suggestions they may have.”

In his free time, Milton can often be found enjoying the great outdoors.

“I like to go snowboarding during the winter, and mountain biking or kayaking during the summer,” he remarked. “If I’m not out enjoying the outdoors, I’m probably out auto racing or at home in my garage tinkering with something. Working on cars is also one of my favorite pastimes,” he continued.

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