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Bret Connors

Regional Accounts Manager

Regional Accounts Manager Bret Connors loves representing Parasec/Paracorp and acting as an ambassador and reliable source of high-level industry knowledge to prospective and existing clients. With a focus on Southern California, Bret makes a point of dropping in on clients to make sure everything is running smoothly and ensuring they know about our latest services. A driven and energetic individual, he’s certainly perfect for the job.

“My goal is to ensure that my abilities in sales and customer service reflect the company’s outstanding reputation in the communities we serve, allowing us to expand our footprint” Bret explained. “I love how unified we all are under one mission, and I enjoy being that first point of contact,” he continued.

Equipped with a great sense of humor rooted in silliness and sarcasm, Bret brings the perfect combination of seriousness, responsibility, and fun to his role. When asked for a random fact, Bret certainly delivered. “A random fact about me is that I love to eat peanut butter with my bologna!”

When he’s not enjoying one of his bizarre sandwich creations, Bret savors his wife’s gourmet cooking. He can also be found spending time playing with his kids, hanging out with friends, and bike-riding on the American River Parkway.

An avid traveler, the most inspiring place Bret has ever visited is the Cook Islands. “My wife and I went there for our honeymoon, and fell in love with the place. Uniquely tranquil and beautiful, and the residents are absolutely wonderful people. It’s on our list of places to consider for retiring!”

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