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Erin Sierchio

Communications Supervisor

As a published writer, award-winning designer and social-media maven, Erin can always be found multi-tasking, with a wide variety of ongoing projects. She joined the Parasec team in May 2008, after spending five years working as a writer and designer for the Sacramento News & Review, a local alternative newsweekly. In her time with Parasec, Erin has taken our newsletter, the Alert, under her wing–writing nearly all the articles and arranging the publication's layout.

Erin is also responsible for maintaining Parasec’s social-networking presence and for conceptualizing and developing communications collateral, including brochures and marketing materials, logos and other promotional items. Regardless of the medium in question, all of her projects demonstrate an appreciation for clean execution, creative intelligence and bold ideas.

Erin’s pastimes including spending time with her fabulous pooch, Walter, tackling do-it-yourself projects, and socializing with her “virtual” friends via tweets and status updates. She takes pride in raising awareness about Parasec’s talented staff and unparalleled customer service.

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