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Frances Severe Alethea Franceschi
Alethea Franceschi – Delaware Supervisor
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Edna Perry – Operations Supervisor
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Jason Sawatzky – Information Technology Supervisor
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Kelli Amos – Accounting Supervisor/HR Generalist
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Leticia Burleson – UCC Supervisor
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Milton Vong – Paracorp Supervisor

Frances Severe

Operations Supervisor

A true team player, Frances Severe has always demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a willingness to lend a hand wherever one is needed. A member of the Parasec family since 2000, Frances has worked out of both our Delaware and California offices, consistently proving that she’s an invaluable asset to the company. When things get busy, Frances can be found helping in any number of departments including corporate operations, UCC/title and support.

“I enjoy helping people in any capacity I can,” Frances declared. “I’m glad that I can share the knowledge that I have with my clients, better helping them with their needs.”

While Frances really does enjoy coming to work, she also relishes the time she has with her family and friends as well as her alone time. “I enjoy getting my hands dirty in my garden, sitting down with a good book and spending time with my two girls,” she remarked.