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Jason Sawatzky

Information Technology Supervisor

While Information Technology Supervisor Jason Sawatzky may be more of a behind-the-scenes player here at Parasec, his role is extremely vital to keeping our company up and running. He’s responsible for ensuring that all of our employees (including those in the branch offices) have the technology needed to do their jobs efficiently. A wealth of knowledge when it comes to complex computer networks, databases and programming languages, Jason is the first person to get a call when an employee’s computer or phone goes haywire.

Of course, that’s not where his duties end. Jason is also responsible for developing and deploying internal reports, maintaining the company web site, and a host of other duties far too involved to go into here. Luckily for us, Jason appreciates the daily challenges that come his way—addressing them head on and viewing each one as an opportunity to learn something new.

When he’s not asking his fellow employees if they’ve tried restarting their computers, Jason is busy hanging out with his wife and two beautiful daughters. He also enjoys watching movies and working outside in the yard.

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