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Emily Smith

Emily Smith

Research Runner

A key component of what makes Parasec so successful is the close relationship we have developed with the California Secretary of State (CA SOS). In addition to speaking over the phone with employees at the CA SOS, we also make several daily runs to their office—dropping off and picking up important documents for our clients. The individual responsible for getting the documents to and from the CA SOS is Emily Smith, our dedicated and hardworking research runner.

“I love that what I do makes a difference. Knowing that our clients depend on me brings great purpose to my job,” Emily said with a smile. “In addition to developing interpersonal relationships with the state counter employees, my main goal is to ensure that the day flows smoothly and our clients documents are delivered in a timely manner,” she explained.

When she is not running documents back and forth from the Secretary of State, Emily is happily lending her hand to various departments and can be found scanning documents into orders, sorting daily incoming mail, and providing coverage for our reception desk.

Funny, bubbly and outgoing, it is no surprise that Emily’s favorite thing about working at Parasec is her colleagues. “It’s a joy to be around the staff. Everyone is always in positive spirits, willing and eager to help one another. They often lift my mood and keep me joking and laughing throughout the day,” Emily said.

Emily spends her free time out at the river or on the shore of any body of water within traveling distance, and often has her dog Kya along for the journey. “The most inspiring place I’ve ever been is the ocean. It’s so peaceful and calming. When I’m there, I feel at ease and alone with my thoughts.”