Corporate, LP & LLC Kits

We offer deluxe, zippered portfolio, portfolio, and basic corporate, LP and LLC kits for you to store all of your important formation and ongoing business documents in. All of our kits come fully assembled with everything in place and ready for your use. Kits include the following:

  • Customized folding corporate seal secured in place with grommets
  • 20 certificates custom-printed on safety paper – Choose from two color options (green and blue) and three styles (top stub, big board and big board eagle)
  • Boilerplate legal documents
  • Stock transfer ledger
  • Specialized index dividers
  • Deluxe Kit: Designed to last, our deluxe kit is handcrafted with high-quality materials and superior details. Each three-ring binder features a unique interlocking mechanism that stops pages from ripping out, a rubber-coated opening lever for added comfort, and a pocket seal secured in place with grommets. Available in burgundy, black, black/burgundy with traditional semi‐gloss finish. Also available in a linen finish (shown below) in black and black/burgundy. All deluxe kits come with a matching slipcase, and feature gold detailing.
    Deluxe Kit
  • Basic Kit: Our basic kit has the same quality features found in our deluxe kits except the binder and matching slipcase are constructed of two-toned, textured vinyl and have a slimmer profile. Available in black, brown, blue, green and burgundy-all with gold detailing.
    Basic Kit
  • Portfolio Kit: Our portfolio kit features the same high-quality details found in our deluxe kits; however, this version utilizes a velcro flap closure rather than a slipcase. Constructed of two-toned, textured vinyl with gold detailing, this kit is available in black, brown, blue, green and burgundy.
    Portfolio Kit
  • Zippered Portfolio Kit: These zippered kits are an elegant choice for those looking for a portfolio-type binder. Sewn edges, a zipper closure and metal corners make these an impressive choice. The organization name is engraved on a chrome-plated brass plate on the exterior, while the interior features a pocket and business card slot. Available in black. Kit measures 13.25” x 10.75”. Zippered Portfolio Kit

Free Printable Certificate Templates: