Estate Plan Kits

Help your clients keep all their necessary documents neatly organized with our professional and protective estate kits. Currently available in three styles, each kit features high-quality construction and attractive detailing—while remaining reasonably priced. Each kit includes 14 time-saving index tabs, including: Personal & Family History; Durable Power of Attorney; Powers of Attorney; Wills; Living Wills; Trust; Financial Assets and more. Also included are the forms needed to record all family data, such as family history, asset lists, liability listing, funeral arrangements, and more.

  • Deluxe Kit: Designed to last, our deluxe kit is handcrafted with high-quality materials and superior details. Each three-ring binder features a unique interlocking mechanism that stops pages from ripping out, a rubber-coated opening lever for added comfort, and a pocket seal secured in place with grommets. Available in burgundy, black, black/burgundy with traditional semi‐gloss finish. Also available in a linen finish (shown above) in black and black/burgundy. All deluxe kits come with a matching slipcase, and feature gold detailing. Deluxe Linen
  • Portfolio Kit: Our portfolio kit features the same high-quality details found in our deluxe kits; however, this version utilizes a velcro flap closure rather than a slipcase. Constructed of two-toned, textured vinyl with gold detailing, this kit is available in black, brown, blue, green and burgundy.
    Portfolio Kit
  • Zippered Portfolio Kit: These zippered kits are an elegant choice for those looking for a portfolio-type binder. Sewn edges, a zipper closure and metal corners make these an impressive choice. The organization name is engraved on a chrome-plated brass plate on the exterior, while the interior features a pocket and business card slot. Available in black. Kit measures 13.25” x 10.75”. Zippered Portfolio Kit