Corporate Name Monitoring

There are various ways that an entity can fall out of good standing, such as failure to pay taxes, file annual reports in a timely manner, or maintain a registered agent. Allowing an entity to lose its good standing can lead to significant financial and legal consequences, including hefty penalties, administrative dissolution, loss of limited liability for the individuals involved, revenue loss, and more. Our corporate name monitoring service will automatically monitor the good-standing statuses of your entities, providing you with these added benefits:

  • Corporate Compliance: Our experienced team will perform monthly reviews on the status of your entities, ensuring that they remain in compliance.
  • Status-Change Alerts: We’ll alert you if a status change occurs, so you can take steps to rectifying the situation as quickly as possible—minimizing the negative consequences associated with the loss of good standing.
  • Time Savings: Manually checking an entity’s status—let alone the status of multiple entities in various states—can be time consuming. Let us take over the task so you can focus on running your business.