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Benjamin Carpineta

Account Executive

Account executive Benjamin Carpineta is a dynamic member of our Uniform Commercial Code team, helping clients by entering new orders into our processing system, conducting searches, and fielding questions. With his quiet, mellow, and relaxed personality, Ben feels right at home at Parasec.

“The people here are great. We don’t have that humdrum corporate vibe like so many other places. Our leaders are in touch with their staff, and not sealed off in an office hallway across the country. Our focus is on what matters—serving our clients to the best of our ability,” explained Ben.

While Ben loves to put his creative brain to work ideating solutions for our clients, he also has many artistic and mechanical interests outside of the office. A few of his favorite activities include painting, drawing, playing the drums, and designing as well as building wooden clocks.

A place that truly inspires Ben is Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. “To me, Wrigley Field represents what the Grand Canyon or Yosemite is to other people. It’s a beautiful place where you can leave your troubles outside the park,” he said with a smile. When he’s not catching a Cubs game or executing a masterpiece, you can find Ben on an adventure with his son, Angelo.

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