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Michael Miller-McCreanor

Account Executive

Michael Miller-McCreanor is an account executive in our Delaware office, where he processes orders for clients in order to help them file documents with the Delaware Secretary of State (DE SOS). Before coming to Parasec, Michael was the one receiving documents submitted to the DE SOS while working as a corporations assistant with the Delaware Division of Corporations. His experience processing documents with great attention to detail is invaluable.

“I believe in the phrase ‘measure twice, cut once’ to avoid making mistakes. When it comes to completing orders for our clients, I always make sure things are done carefully,” Michael said. He’s also a fan of doing things creatively, both at work and in his free time. “I enjoy playing guitar, singing for a local heavy metal band, and creating YouTube videos,” he remarked.

As for what keeps him motivated and happy at work, Michael credited the Parasec company culture, explaining, “Everyone is always an email or phone call away. Unlike other places I’ve worked in the past, Parasec is a close-knit group, and that includes our higher-ups such as the CEO.”

Something people might not know about Michael is that he studied Isshinryu Karate for 14 years, earning his black belt at the age of fifteen. He also enjoys traveling. One trip in particular that stands out in Michael’s memory was to the great state of Montana, where he was taken by the sheer beauty of the landscape. “It really helps to put things in perspective. I was ten when we took that trip, but I’ve never forgotten what it looked like.”

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