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Marisol Torres

Marisol Torres

Account Executive

Account Executive Marisol Torres strives to learn and grow as much as she can each day—thriving on the feedback she receives from coworkers and clients alike.

“I want to do everything I can to avoid making mistakes, and when I do make mistakes, I want to learn from them,” Marisol said resoundingly. When she’s not striving for perfection at Parasec, Marisol enjoys family outings to the park, playing board games with her kids, and whipping up new creations in the kitchen.

Everyone who works with Marisol agrees that she’s caring, easy to get along with, and quick to master new challenges. As for what Marisol thinks about her team, she said, “my coworkers are my favorite part about working for Parasec. Everyone is so easy to work with and we all get along so well!”

A place that inspires Marisol to follow her dreams and achieve her goals might sound strange to some, but for her, it’s more about the people than the place. “My parent’s house is the most inspiring place I’ve ever been. My parents always taught us to never give up and to keep going and that’s what has inspired me the most.”

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