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Steven Zenovieff

Steven Zenovieff

Account Executive

Account Executive Steven Zenovieff began his employment at Parasec back in August 2012. A true team player, he offers the kind of fun, honest temperament this company thrives on. Steven prides himself on being a trustworthy individual with a great work ethic, which makes him a valuable asset to our company and clients. Furthermore, Steven’s enthusiastic personality makes him a delight to work with, a feeling that is mutual.

“What I enjoy most about working at Parasec is the employees,” explained Steven. “Everyone here is not only nice and friendly, but very helpful. I have asked for help numerous times and someone will stop whatever he or she is doing to assist me. Everyone cares about everyone.”

When asked what he'd like his clients to know about him, Steven was quick to reply, “That I'm genuine and my clients can trust me with their requests. I'm here to get the job done right.”

In his free time, Steven enjoys reading novels, playing sports and spending time with his family.

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