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Vanessa Calhoun


Account Executive

Vanessa Calhoun first joined Parasec back in April 2000, and we couldn’t be happier to have her as part of our family. During her time here, she’s worn a number of hats—working in our accounting and human resources departments, and, more recently, our operation department. Her dedication, professionalism, and experience have made her an invaluable member of the company.

Whatever the task at hand, Vanessa always strives to do the best job possible. She is definitely a pillar of knowledge within the company and loves learning. In fact, she views continued education and self improvement as vital to both her professional and personal growth.

While Vanessa enjoys working closely with our clients, the other aspect of working at Parasec that she appreciates is her coworkers. “I’m very grateful that I work in an environment where the people genuinely care about each other,” Vanessa remarked. “The best thing about working here is definitely the people,” she added.

When not spending time with her work family, Vanessa enjoys the quality time she shares with her daughter. She also enjoys going to church, reading, watching movies, and just sitting back and appreciating the beauty and complexity of nature.