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Alethea Franceschi

Alethea Franceschi

Delaware Supervisor

Alethea Franceschi measures her success at Parasec by the satisfaction of her team, and the service satisfaction of our clients. An ambitions, honest, and goofy individual, Alethea’s traits are perfectly suited for her role as the Operations Supervisor of our Delaware Branch.

“I’m always aiming to top my own achievements, better myself, and strengthen my skill set. I’m also a very complex thinker, which makes the twists and turns of my ambitions that much more interesting,” Alethea explained.

Alethea’s primary goal at Parasec is to ensure clients receive the most professional, efficient, and personal customer service possible. When she’s not hard at work streamlining Parasec’s processes, you can find Alethea spending quality time with her kids boating, swimming, and camping.

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