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Lindsay Culley

Lindsay Culley


Lindsay Culley has been a part of the Parasec team since February of 2004, when she first started out in the mailroom. An individual with drive and a thirst for knowledge, Lindsay soon transitioned into our UCC department, first as an account technician and then as an account executive. She has since graduated to becoming our Operations/UCC Supervisor, a role Lindsay is particularly proud of.

“We have a great team here and I love how harmonious our work environment is,” remarked Lindsay. “Parasec has given me a greater appreciation and much higher standard for customer service. We care about each other and most of all we care about our clients,” she continued.

When not at work, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her family, especially her son, Jaxon. You can also find her spending the day lakeside, on a camping trip, or cozied up in a blanket armed with a good book.

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