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Tatiana Estep

Tatiana Estep

Support Service Associate

As our support service associate, Tatiana Estep has her hands full assisting multiple departments and positions—helping to ensure our well-oiled machine runs smoothly. In addition to providing backup support to our receptions, Tatiana also helps with the processing of our mail and knows the mailroom systems inside and out. She can also be found assisting our corporate operations team whenever she has time. No doubt about it, Tatiana is a true team player!

“My goal is to be efficient and succeed in everything I do here at Parasec. I can appreciate learning new material to become more confident and have the ability to tackle all sorts of new tasks,” Tatiana remarked. “I truly believe that knowledge is power.”

Tatiana describes herself as personable, positive and passionate (we love the alliteration!), and we couldn’t agree more. Her smile and positive attitude are infectious—greatly adding to the company culture we try to foster. In fact, that culture is one of Tatiana’s favorite aspects of working for Parasec.

“I truly appreciate the phenomenal atmosphere here at Parasec,” she said. “I love the culture of this company—the morals and core values. Parasec offers amazing growth opportunities to its employees, and it brings such a joy to my heart to know that this company truly cares about me.”

When she’s not busy at the office, Tatiana enjoys making big family dinners, where it’s common for everyone to sing and dance. But most of all, she loves spending one-on-one time with her beautiful daughter. “We love going to the park to have picnics and run wild in the wind,” she remarked.