PARACORP Privacy and Network Security Policy

Your privacy is important to us, and maintaining your trust and confidence is one of our highest priorities. We respect your right to keep your personal information confidential and understand your desire to avoid unwanted solicitations. Security of your data is equally important. While we cannot list all the details of our infrastructure for security reasons, rest assured that Paracorp's security practices, policies and infrastructure are proven and reliable. By using PARACORP Plus™, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy and Network Security Policy.

  1. Types of Information We Collect

    We collect certain information about you – but only when that information is provided by you or is obtained by us with your authorization. Use of PARACORP Plus™ (the "Portal") authorizes collection of the information you input into the Portal. We use that information in the normal course of business to bill you for products and services, for delivery of services ordered, and in certain situations, specifically enumerated in Section B below.

  2. Parties to Whom We Disclose Information

    As a general rule, we do not disclose personal information about our clients or former clients to anyone to the extent permitted by law and any applicable state code. Certain nonpublic information about you may be disclosed in the following situations:

    • To comply with a validly issued and enforceable subpoena or summons.
    • In the course of a review of our firm’s practices under the authorization of a state or national licensing board, or as necessary to properly respond to an inquiry or complaint from such a licensing board of organization.
    • In conjunction with a prospective purchase, sale, or merger of all or part of our company, provided that we take appropriate precautions (for example, through a written confidentiality agreement) so the prospective purchaser or merger partner does not disclose information obtained in the course of the review.
    • As a part of any actual or threatened legal proceedings or alternative dispute resolution proceedings either initiated by or against us, provided we disclose only the information necessary to file, pursue, or defend against the lawsuit and take reasonable precautions to ensure that the information disclosed does not become a matter of public record when possible.
    • To provide information to affiliates of the firm and nonaffiliated third parties who perform services or functions for us in conjunction with our services to you, but only if we have a contractual agreement with the other party which prohibits them from disclosing or using the information other than for the purposes for which it was disclosed.

  3. Confidentiality and Security of Nonpublic Personal Information

    Except as otherwise described in this notice, we restrict access to nonpublic personal information about you to employees of our firm and other parties who must use that information to provide services to you. Their right to further disclose and use the information is limited by the policies of our firm, applicable law, our Code of Professional Conduct, and nondisclosure agreements where appropriate. We also maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards in compliance with applicable laws and regulations to guard your personal information from unauthorized access, alteration, or premature destruction.

  4. Network Security

    Our network security team and infrastructure helps protect your data against the most sophisticated electronic attacks. The following is a subset of our network security practices. These are intentionally stated in a very general way, since even knowing what tactics we use is something hackers crave. If your organization requires further detail on our network security, please contact us.

    • 128/256-bit SSL. The communication between your computer and our servers is encrypted using strong 128-bit keys (256-bit keys in many cases). What this means is that even if the information traveling between your computer and our servers were to be intercepted, it would be nearly impossible for anyone to make any sense out of it. Please check our product pages for details on which applications or plans support SSL.
    • IDS/IPS. Our network is gated and screened by highly powerful and certified Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention Systems. Control and Audit. All accesses are controlled and also audited.
    • Secured / Sliced Down OS. Paracorp applications run inside a secured, sliced-down operating system engineered for security that minimizes vulnerabilities.
    • Virus Scanning. Traffic coming into Paracorp Servers is automatically scanned for harmful viruses using state-of-the art virus scanning protocols which are updated regularly.

  5. Redundancy and Business Continuity

    • Power Redundancy. Paracorp configures its servers for power redundancy – from power supply to power delivery.
    • Internet Redundancy. Paracorp is connected to the world –and you- through multiple Tier-1 ISPs. So if any one fails or experiences a delay, you can still reliably get to your applications and information.
    • Redundant Network Devices. Paracorp runs on redundant network devices (switches, routers, security gateways) to avoid any single point of failure at any level on the internal network.
    • Redundant Cooling and Temperature. Intense computing resources generate a lot of heat, and thus need to be cooled to guarantee a smooth operation. Paracorp servers are backed by N+2 redundant HVAC systems and temperature control systems.
    • Geo Mirroring. Customer data is mirrored in a separate geographic location for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity purposes. Please note geo mirroring is available on select products and plans.
    • Fire Prevention. The Paracorp data centers are guarded by industry-standard fire prevention and control systems.
    • Data Protection & Back-up. User data is backed-up periodically across multiple servers, helping protect the data in the event of hardware failure or disaster.