Business License Services

Parasec offers business license and permit services to streamline this process, allowing you to focus on your core business while remaining confident you are in compliance.

License Research

Business licensing requirements are unique in every state, county, city and municipality; making it difficult to determine what applications, licenses, permits and tax registrations are required to operate your business. Our experts can assemble a comprehensive package of all licenses and permit applications required and send them to you electronically. Our easy-to-understand report will guide you along the required steps.

License Filings

No time to complete the license and permit applications required for your business? No problem! Our team of experts will assemble a comprehensive package of all the necessary forms, and complete them based on information you have provided. When necessary, you’ll be presented with a package of documents that requires your signature. This is business license and permit compliance on autopilot.

License Verification

The repercussions of operating your business without the proper licenses can be costly. Our experts will verify the status of your business licenses and provide a comprehensive report that includes the standing of your license and permit filings.

License Assessment

Let us determine all of the licenses and permits required for your business, and then verify the status of each filing. After that, we’ll complete an audit, ensuring that no gaps or missing licenses exist. If any gaps are revealed, you will receive a detailed report containing all the necessary applications.

License Compliance with CLiC™

Our secure web-based Client License Information Center (CLiC™) will simplify the process of organizing, managing and tracking all the changes occurring so your records will always be complete with no gaps or no expired licenses. We will verify that all of your licenses are active and in good standing, and then upload the information along with supporting documents and renewal dates to CLiC™ for you to access.

With CLiC™, you can:

  • Log in and view all licenses that your business currently holds
  • Receive all renewal notices via email
  • View all renewal and state fees for budgeting and forecasting purposes
  • Access all relevant corporate documents and filed applications
  • Upload all license-related corporate documents; and and email, print or fax them directly from CLiC™

To learn more about any of these services, give us a call at 1.800.533.7272.