Springing Member/ Independent Director Services

Independent directors (also referred to as springing members or special members) are often utilized in situations where a single-member LLC or special purpose entity (SPE) is seeking financing. Lending institutions looking to safeguard assets commonly require that a qualified springing member be employed prior to structured finance, credit, real estate or securitization transactions. When your business transaction requires an independent director, we know what matters most: competitive pricing; ease of which the requirements can be met; and fast, trustworthy appointments. Appoint a member of our team today!

  • Efficiency: When you want to ensure your independent director is in place quickly –we’re the one for the job. Once all of the required documents have been submitted to us, we are able to act swiftly and efficiently to get your independent director in place under tight deadlines!
  • Value: We understand that every business transaction is unique, which is why we offer customized pricing (with no hidden fees) based upon your needs. We also offer discounted rates to repeat customers, multiple appointments and if you name us as registered agent.
  • Experience: With more than a decade of experience offering reliable, unbiased independent director services, we pride ourselves on providing clients with peace of mind.