Apostilles & Legalizations

Many legal professionals prefer not to deal with apostilles, authentications, legalizations and certifications. The various procedures, numerous steps and extensive time commitments required lead many attorneys to outsource the work or simply avoid offering these services altogether.

At Parasec, our knowledgeable staff is well versed in the requirements and the business dynamics involved in these types of transactions—as this has been our apostille division’s sole focus for more than ten years. Additionally, our nationwide network of correspondents help us process projects involving domestic county and state agencies as well as foreign consulates and embassies.

We’ve spent decades building professional networks that enable us to successfully traffic documents through each and every Washington D.C. embassy, and the consulates and consulates-general in other cities. Skills honed over time like preparedness, diplomacy, time management and staying calm under pressure allow us to satisfy clients and become more savvy with every transaction. Let our knowledge provide you with a hassle-free international transaction.