Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a fascinating and complex field, addressing the protection of the ownership of intangible assets such as inventions, phrases, words, symbols and artistic works of various kinds (music, literary works, etc.). At Parasec, our trained professionals have extensive experience with a variety of the due-diligence tasks involved in thoroughly and effectively completing intellectual property projects. Whatever your intellectual property needs, our staff can help deliver results.

We offer a broad range of intellectual property related services, including:

  • Patent Searches & Document Retrieval
  • Retrieving Patent File Wrappers
  • Copyright Searches & Document Retrieval
  • Trademark and Servicemark Searches (Triple Tier Searches: State, Federal and Common Law and domains)
  • Uniform Commercial Code Typing, Filing, Searching and Tracking
  • Fictitious Business Name Filings & Searches
  • Apostilles, Authentications, Legalizations and Certifications
  • Translation Services (court-certified legal, medical and technical documents from and into all languages—with rush services available)