Managed Annual Report Services (MARS)

Whether you have one entity or a thousand, you’re probably already aware of the hassles involved in maintaining compliance. Each state has its own set of rules, deadlines, fees, and forms—and preparing and tracking your filings can be confusing and time consuming. Miss a single deadline and you could face disastrous consequences. Our Managed Annual Report Services (MARS) can help centralize your annual report compliance and ensure you don’t miss a deadline.

  • Headache-free Compliance: Maintaining compliance for entities in numerous jurisdictions—all with varying due dates—can be a hassle. Why not leave it to our specialists? They’ll track each of your entities, in each jurisdiction, and their required filings throughout the year—performing status checks on each entity prior to filing the reports.
  • Time Savings: Our experts will compile and prepare the required forms, request signatures when necessary, submit documents for your review, advance fees on your behalf, and file and track all reports—ensuring that they are filed in a timely manner. We will also send you confirmation reports of the filings once completed. Sit back, relax and focus on running your business—we’ve got this covered!
  • Reduced Risk: Our compliance specialists are here to help you greatly reduce the risk of missed filings, hefty penalty and reinstatement fees, the loss of good standing, and ultimately, the security of your business. With all of the risks and liabilities involved, outsourcing to experts like us is cost effective and smart.

Protect your business entities by enrolling in MARS. Give us a call today at 800.533.7272.